CONQuer Your Data with AI for Everyone

CONQ helps to unify your data through unbiased learning for deeper and faster insights for your business.

Active Concepts Active Data Link Discovery Compares selected concepts on the X axis to selected concepts Pick any analysis Watch Video Select or create concepts that capture your needs Watch Video Refine Your Data Set Document Vs Concept Compares selected concepts on the X axis to selected concepts Add Network Folder Choose or add any data combination Watch Video Find By Name

Accelerating The Transformation Of Data To Valuable Business Insights

Getting value from data is difficult. CONQ unifies your data through AI learning to discover relation, context, and meaning of data.

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Accurate. Scalable.

CONQ processes over 500,000 words per second with 96% accuracy. On average, we get insights for our customers 20x faster (a 95% time savings) resulting in real business value. We deliver proven results in minutes, not months.

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Go 100X Deeper,
25X Faster

Connect any data source:

- Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
- Database (Oracle DB2)
- PDF's
- Email

With one click, get valuable business insights without complex data discovery.

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